How Can I Melt Rubber Bands to Use as an Adhesive?

Title says it all.

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jtobako8 years ago
You need a solvent, the old one was gasoline but it took a couple of days to dissolve (and the formula for gas has changed) : )

What kind of solvent?

Get an old soup can or an old metal cooking dish. Put a few rubber bands in the aforementioned container. Aply heat with a hotplate, bunsen burner, or blowtorch OUTSIDE. Dip melted rubber bands out for use. Never use container for food again. But anyway, it's awful stuff and not good for much.
oh cool thanks.
lemonie8 years ago
Mineral oil tends to make natural latex sticky, like jtobako has suggested, try some form of petroleum - e.g. white spirit, lighter fluid, or gasoline. But like GuardianFox concludes, it's probably not going to be much use to you.