How Can I Remotely Control My IPOD?

I Need to control my ipod from inside a dry compartment in a boat

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hmfoster5 years ago
what are you going to do with the ipod by remotely controlling it?
XOIIO7 years ago
Jailbreak it, install veency and get VNC viewer on you laptop. works great.
s117 (author)  XOIIO7 years ago
what would b the point of puting my ipod in a dry compartment and controlling it with my laptop?,
XOIIO s1177 years ago
So I didn;t pay attetion. Get a waterproof tablet PC
Re-design7 years ago
buy on of the docking stations that have a remote.
s117 (author)  Re-design7 years ago
i was looking for a way other than that
Re-design s1177 years ago
Then you're probably going to be SOL.