How Can I preserve a ticket stub from a movie theater and still be able to read it?

I have a Ticket stub from the movies that kept from my first date with my girlfriend and want to preserve in a way so I can Give it to her as a gift. Its ink is fading and the process mush not cover it up. Please Help thank you.

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You could simply laminate it like they do for ID cards or you could embed it in resin, which would go along way in the "heartfelt" department. The key to casting your paper is to first seal the paper. If you just pour on some resin, the paper will absorb the resin causing dark spots and potentially wrecking your ticket. First apply ModgePodge to either side allowing to dry in between. Apply a second coat, you want this sealed tight and I assume you wont get a second chance. (make sure to seal the edges too) Yes, it goes on milky but it will dry clear and importantly it will seal the paper tight. Then simply cast it in some water clear casting resin, small 2-part formulas are available at craft stores for less then 20$. This is also where you can buy the ModgePodge. Will last forever!
survivorwolf (author)  iminthebathroom4 years ago
Thank you I was just going to put it in some resin but I'm gonna try the ModgePodge. I will get a second chance (kinda) i have a similar stub that really isn't significant so I will try it on it first.
rickharris4 years ago
I would copy it digitally - scan or camera then you will have a copy to fall back on.

The original will almost certainly fade in daylight and air so protect from both.

nice idea though.
frollard4 years ago
The thermal paper that movie tickets are commonly printed on these days will fade and disappear eventually in open air. It MUST be covered. Check iminthebathroom's answer for a great way to keep it forever, but I'm not sure it won't just fade anyway.

If you want to be clever about it, take a high resolution scan of the ticket and reprint it on matte photo paper, then archive it as below with the casting resin. Photo paper can be cast directly without the podge.
You might want to check out the little plastic sleeves that people keep collectible sports cards in. You can find them at most hobby shops or online.