How Do I Make / Where do I find vintage enamel/metal flower jewelry

I love re-using vintage metal/enamel flower earrings or pins in my own jewelry creations and I scoop them up at thrift stores and on ebay whenever I find a good deal. Lately I've discovered a few other inspiring artists (pictured) who use A LOT of vintage flower pins/earrings in their pieces and it's made me wonder if they are actually scavenging like I am or they are making their own somehow. Is it possible to make your own "vintage style" enamel looking flower pieces? If so how? If not, is there a better/cheaper alternative to finding them besides on ebay?

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rickharris8 years ago
Enamel work is fairly costly to set up - You need a Kiln to melt the glass enamel The skills to make the base from copper or silver, a range of enamels. There are several wb pages that show you how.
Can you list some of the web sites that show how to do enameling?
jtobako8 years ago
Are you sure they are using glass enamel and not paint? (picture didn't show up) If the flowers have the same basic metal shape, they might have an old die setup and be manufacturing/buying them or have a source of old stock. A lot of the 'vintage' styles are coming back, so there might be more manufacturers out there-try some of the catalogs like Rio Grande or Firemountain.
writerlady8 years ago
yard sales and estate sales could be a good place - search in areas where there are a lot of retired/older folks
Gorfram8 years ago
You can also try Etsy:
They're sort of like Ebay for vintage & handmade stuff, and supplies for making handmade stuff, but are often better/cheaper.