How Do I Put The Magic Smoke Back Into Electronic Parts So They Work Again?

Magic Smoke Is what makes all electronics go...mine escaped one evening when I applied power to a circuit board.

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A time machine would work. You know, go back in time, to warn yourself not to do the dumb thing you did. Actually there's no need to go back in person if you could just send yourself a t-mail.

As an alternative to time travel, you could maybe try to make a conscious effort not to do dumb things to electronic components in the future.

What I'm really trying to say: Better luck next time.

I've got a spare Flux Cap,

You need?

I put soldering flux all over all my capacitors, and stuck them across 1.21gW fuse box and blew the city power but no time travel. :'(

You may have a flux capacitor, but do you have access to

1.21 gigawatts AND make it it go 88mph?

Well we have a good storm brewing over here, might get lucky

Don't think my old Pickup will get going that fast though :P

I had a time machine, but it developed a short, and all the magic smoke went.

Vyger1 year ago

Back up, back up, back up!!!

What kind of backup did you do?

-max-1 year ago
Nope. Only hope is to depot the chip, create a silicon manufacturing lab in your work area, and spin up some silicon chips to replace the dead chip inside the components. That is never going to happen, so get more parts on digikey,mouse,element14, or jameco. Make sure to order parts in huge quantities because mistaeks happen.
iceng1 year ago

t-mail is soo much better then inserting minuscule magic potions to restore back smoke, too bad it does not work on sparkers..

Yonatan241 year ago

No. You can't, You need to buy a new component

rickharris1 year ago

Sad to say you would need one of the Chinese workers with really really tiny hands, the ones that put those stupidly short ribbon cables in their sockets in almost all electronic equipment.

Failing that when it's gone it's gone.

Better to understand why it escaped and plug the hole before next time.

Ask Bill Nye or Dr Proton.

Tricky. Its always best to leave it in-situ.