How Do You Get A Video In An 'Ible Without Youtube?

Like the title says. Here are some examples: (Step one pic 4) and (right at the front). I want to know this, because I want to put short vids on my instructables without having a youtube account.

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Jack A Lopez7 months ago

Well, I can tell you that the moving pictures you've pointed to, are a kind of file called "Animated GIF",

and Instructables seems to support these.

In fact, if you ask your browser to tell you the exact URLs to those images, you can see the Instructables machinery is intentionally putting the string "ANIMATED" into the filenames describing them, for example:



I know there exist software tools, for to convert short movie clips (files like avi, mp4, etc) into animated gif, but I do not know which of these are best, most free (least expensive), or most easy to use.

Someone else answering this question will probably have some advice on the specific programs you can use for converting videos into animated gifs.

Or maybe the Instructables Let's Make search, can point us to some tutorials on this topic?

Another possibility is to ask the authors of the 'ibles you've seen with animated gifs. You could write unto him or her, a nice comment or PM, saying, "Hey, I really like the animated GIF in Step 4. Can you tell me what software you used to make that GIF?

random_builder (author)  Jack A Lopez7 months ago

Thanks for your help! Actually, you didn't do much, but from your search "how to animated GIFs" I found a guide how to do it. From that guide I found a site called Picasion that should work. Thanks again!

seamster7 months ago

Mikeasaurus (the author of the stripped screw instructable you noted) made another instructable all about how to make GIFs:

In step 5 he references a free software called iwisoft, which is what I use. It's not perfect and doesn't allow you as much control as the other options he talks about, but it's free and does the basics pretty well. Hope that helps!

random_builder (author)  seamster7 months ago

I won't use iwisoft, but from that 'ible I foun an wedsite that works. Thanks for your time.

Well if you Left click on the Image then click on Inspect in the drop down menu it will tell you it is a Animated GIF:

Something like this program

random_builder (author)  Josehf Murchison7 months ago

That site looks interesting, but I don't want to pay to get animated GIFs

I prefer Youtube because it is free; every animated GIF program I have tried, won't convert video to a animated GIF. And I don't have the patience to frame capture from video to create an animated GIF.

I was going to Google, "Free Animated GIF." but that is the program my wife uses.

Some advice; if you do buy online, use a prepaid credit card or gift card.

You may not be able to stop hackers from steeling from you, but you can limit how much they take. Your credit card may have a $10,000 credit line, but a prepaid only has what you put on it. So if you put $100 on the card and spend $50 all a hacker can take is $50.

random_builder (author)  Josehf Murchison7 months ago

I found a different site that I think will work and its free. Thanks for your help!

You are welcome

Yonatan247 months ago

I would (and do) embed the video from Youtube.

Why not?

(I believe you can also upload the video straight to Instructables, but then people have to download it to view)

random_builder (author)  Yonatan247 months ago

I might some, but I don't want to put a couple second video on youtube just to post it on here.

Saw it now. I believe what you're talking about is a GIF, and I think you can turn any video into a GIF:

Vyger7 months ago

I made an instructable 10 years ago with video clips.

The videos were Quicktime format. They were put into the instructable as downloadable files. So to see it you download the video and then play it. I just tried clicking on one and it says that the video format is not supported. I am guessing this is in part because of Firefox updates about add on programs. But if you right click on the file and click "save as" it downloads and then it will play. The videos are not very good quality by today's standards. They were shot with a digital camera that could make videos, but at low resolution. I suppose I should reshoot them but then this was never a popular Instructable so is it worth the bother?

Anyway, you still should be able to upload a file into an instructable so you can attach a video file but you have to download it to view it since a file does not live stream. That is the one nice thing about youtube, it live streams.

Downunder35m7 months ago

You can always use Vimeo or use the HTML editor to embed the video from any other hosting site.
Bigger question would be if the video still shows up as planned as other services might not offer the same easy way to embed the video in other websites.....