How Do You Separate Hormones And Antibiotics From Milk?

i was wondering if its possible to pull the antibiotic substance from milk if so how i need to know and if possible please don't make it hard as building a 20 meter tall nuclear reactor ( although I know how to make a nuclear reactor).


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Burf6 years ago
Unless you have access to a fully equipped testing laboratory, you're not going to be able to do the necessary testing even if you had the skills to do so. I believe you are approaching this from the wrong angle.
You don't need to do the actual testing yourself, use your skills to research work that has already been done on the subject and glean the information you want from those who have published the results of their efforts.
Airsoft 007 Sniper (author)  Burf6 years ago
surprisingly enough i do im a 5th grade nerd believe me i built a fully functional robot from scratch in grade 3 and i caught a thief who stole my shoes of my desk in class by dusting for fingerprints and other forensic stuff
76543216 years ago
Just add a culture of bacteria and see if it dies or not. But a quick google search brought up many sites saying companies work very hard to keep antibiotics out. This one says that Canada has extremely strict regulations and practices to ensure that there are absolutely no antibiotics in the milk. So...
Airsoft 007 Sniper (author)  76543216 years ago
thats cr@p theres tons of antibiotics and artificial hormones in milk and also how do i grow the bacteria
lemonie6 years ago

It's easier to buy the antibiotics, hormones and the milk separately.

Airsoft 007 Sniper (author)  lemonie6 years ago
i know what ur thinking i want these antibiotics for the purpose of proving that there are antibiotics in cows milk we had a dairy person come in to our school today and say there are absolutely no antibiotics in milk if u do ur research there r
Send a sample to be analysed.
E.g. a place like this:
You'll not prove anything easier or cheaper.

In that case you don't want to separate them out -- you just want to measure their presence. Right?

If there were really any significant amount of antibiotics in milk, it wouldn't spoil as easily as it does...

Scientists know how medicines are processed by the body, and how they are eliminated -- excreted by the kidneys, broken down by the liver, and so on. I'm sure there are plenty of existing studies of which medicines would and wouldn't find their way into cow's milk and in what quantities,. If I were you, I'd start my research in a serious library rather than in the lab; among other things, you'll probably be able to find information about how they're doing the measurements. (I'm guessing spectroscopy and/or electropheresis...)
rickharris6 years ago
buy organic milk - Or alternatively do as I do and don't drink it. (personal dislike)
orksecurity6 years ago
Major industrial process, I'm afraid.