How Many Apps Can A Ipod Touch 3G Hold?

I am getting one on black Friday

led2357 years ago
new OS 3.0 makes 11 pages of apps!
It depends on how many gigabytes you have on the iPod (8, 32, or 64). And, apps are different sizes in megabytes (some might be in gigabytes, but it's very unlikely). Also, you have to consider that you'll probably have some music and videos, and those take up space too. So, depending on those three things, the iPod touch can hold any number of apps.
Joe Martin8 years ago
Apparently the limit is 144 applications (9 Pages!), This will change depending on what gigabyte version you get and how much music/videos you have on it.

Have fun "battling" on black Friday to get one! ;)

sammychow4 (author)  Joe Martin8 years ago
Thanks! I heard Walmart has a great deal and a lot of them to buy!