How To Make A Model of Skywalker Ranch?


Looking for the best way to make a model of the Skywalker Ranch including best materials to use,recommended size,etc. Could you anyone help me with this project? Thanks

                                                                            Bill M.

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You're not talking about the old Lars place on Tatooine are you? A moisture farm, right? I think most of it was underground. I mean there was this one building that kind of looked like an igloo, and some funny metal tower things (those might be the water harvesting equipment?) and the rest of it kind looked like brown dirt.

The attached image I found via this Google Image search:

I have no idea how you would actually build a model of this.  I dunno.  Dirt?  Brown spray paint?
Its ALSO a hotel !
Personally I think its cooler than the place in California !,_Tunisia
Yeah. I did not realize it at first, but the underground part of the Lars homestead, and the aboveground part, are both in Tunisia, but in different locations separated by about 300 km.

Underground: Sidi Driss Hotel, Matmata

Aboveground: Chott el Jerid, Tozeur
It's also a real place, about an hour southwest of where I'm living now:
LOL... Isn't that the home of George Lucas?
Well, yes. And amusingly, it's on a county road called "Lucas Valley Road," which is not related to George Lucas in any way.
It's not related? Well that's quite a coincidence....
It was either that or Skywalker lane or something (I cant remember which)
You know, Marin county looks very different from that place in Tunisia
that looks a lot like Tatooine.   I mean when I read the words "Skywalker Ranch", I just assumed that referred to Owen Lars' water farm...  I'm probably the one who is confused here.  Thanks for the link, and for the clarification.
Re-design5 years ago
Google "diarama". It's way too big a subject to be covered here.
kelseymh5 years ago
Since it's private property, you probably want to get permission from the owners.

If you're really clever, you'll pitch it in such a way that they'll pay you to do the job (and maybe even pay you to come out with modified versions every few years).
owner = George Lucas

good luck :)