How about humidity?

Do I need salt in the lower large dish?

- How much percent would you prefere?

I just bought an used Liebherr UKU 1805 refrigenerator with included fan, because I got bad experience with other refrigenerators to hold thr right temperatur.

I will start my project tomorrow.

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mikeasaurus3 months ago

When you saw "lower dish" for dry aging, do you mean the drip tray or the water dish to maintain humidity? I don't see value in adding salt to either.

Air circulation is key to making dry aging work. Once you have it all set up right you should be good to go. I'd love to know your results!

sharky1000 (author)  mikeasaurus3 months ago

Because something went wrong with my first post, here is my second try:

I saw just some youtube dry aging projects with salt, but because I got during the last days to low humidity with about 50 percent, my first target is to raise humidity to 70-80 percent. - Temperatur shows up between 1 and 4 C.

Should I buy a diffuser? - And better to use it with destilled water or normal water?

Here are some pictures of my project. Startet at 27th of July


From your pictures the temperature appears in the right zone, and it looks like your fridge has a fan to keep the air circulated. Make sure all your equipment (including fridge) is sterile. Wash the meat with brine and pat dry before aging. Distilled water will not have any organisms in it, and would be great for this application.

From the lesson on dry aging:

Dry aged beef will have a funky smell, but if done correctly should not be rotten and definitely won't have much (ideally any) surface mold. If you do have surface mold check your humidity and temperature levels to ensure that your environment isn't too moist or warm. Cutting away mold so it doesn't spread is the best course of action, but you're losing product and exposing new beef to air now and will need time to form a dark husk like the rest of the cut. Best to check on your rib every few days at the beginning to ensure it's looking good, then peeking in periodically until the 45 day mark.

My reply to a similar question asked below:

As long as there is some humidity in your fridge (bowl of water) and no condensation on the walls, you're hitting the right humidity and not travelling into the extreme zones. Once you start the meat aging, check back and see how your water level is doing and the overall health inside your fridge.

I'm sorry your first attempt didn't go well. Truthfully, aging meat at home is a tricky endeavor, which is part of the reason it's such a premium when bought commercially - they are accepting the risk and charging the customer for any loses they incurred.

sharky1000 (author)  mikeasaurus3 months ago

Oh about the wrong attempt. - It was not the project, it was only the try to explain it here in the board. - I used the wrong box, to enter the text and pictures and was wondering, because I couldnt find it in this thread ;-)

sharky1000 (author)  mikeasaurus3 months ago

Thank you for your fast reply. - So you think I dont need a higher humidity? - I used first time normal water in a bowl, but will replace it today with destilled water. - Unfortunally water in a bowl will not change th humidity in a low temp. refriginator, - My butcher hinted me to try to get higher humidity. - He has a computer inside his cooler to get the right humidity with 75 to 85 percent in his high tech dry aging refriginator, - Here are some updates with Pictures from last Sunday 06th of August.

sharky1000 (author)  sharky10003 months ago

Here are some explanations for my pics.

The USB stick is a little ionic ocone generator, I used it one 24 hours befor I started to clean the air inside my refrigenerator (bottles I'm using like a cold accu included). - Not sure to use th ocone generator during project, so I removed it. - The last picture shows my temperatur and humidity thermometer . - It also has a history function with lowest and highest values. - And here is a picture from my vingar. - First I searched real each supermarket with asking for destilled vingar, but got no luck. - After some recherche in the internet I found, that simple "Branntweinessig" seems to be made like destilled vingar, so I used this one.