How best to transfer 2 liters of liquid from one container to another and back again?

I'm bulding a cleaning machine.
I need to transfer 2 liters (.53 Gal) of liquid (water with a small amount of cleaning agent) from one container through a filter to another empty container of the same size, quickly.
I would like to accomplish this buy pressing a button.
Then transfer the liquid back to the original container.
Looking suggestions on how best to accomplish this.

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iceng20 days ago

On of the poping noises you that can be heard when playing a vinyl record is a tiny dust particle wedged in a record grove and held in by a static charge... There are brushes that have an alpha particle emitter source that ionizes and discharges any static charge permitting the bristles to dislodge micro particles lodged in the record grooves..

I the old days we could buy tiny snap on devices to the record pickup arm and clear every record that was played.

Today you would have to hack a smoke detector for the Americium micro-curie and mount it to your needle..


And you need two topics for this - why?

Mark probably didn't care for the first wording.

In that case it depends on the filter and amount of contaminent we don't know about.

MarkS786 (author)  Downunder35m24 days ago

It's for an ultrasonic record cleaner. The idea is to rotate an LP record slowly through an ultrasonic bath of about 2L of cleaning agent. Then pump out the liquid to another container so the record can be dried in place. As for the filter, I haven't decided yet. I'm thinking about using a 5 micron stainless screen.

FYI - I deleted the second topic.

I know from experience that the paper labels on the vinyl does not like it too much getting wet.
So you should keep the wet times as short as possible.
A simpler way to deal with all might be to include a tap on the bucket to drain the water through a filter.
Takes only a gravity and with the dust from a LP there should be no problem filtering it on the way, even through a coffee filter.

MarkS786 (author)  Downunder35m24 days ago

yes, paper record labels + liquid = BAD :)

I plan to place the record vertically in the bath with only enough of the record submerged to cover the grooves, then rotate the record slowly.

I agree it would be simpler to drain the water manually, but the geek in me wants to automate the process as much as possible.

turning very slowly is one option. Very fast so centripetal F slings fluid off is another.

MarkS786 (author)  Toga_Dan21 days ago

Thanks for the reply Toga_Dan. I'm actually thinking of using a vacuum pump to vacuum the record and remove any contaminants left on the records surface.

iceng MarkS78623 days ago

Ultrasonics and a cleaning agent will probably create foam..

And these smaller brushless pumps will work better for your application


MarkS786 (author)  iceng22 days ago

Those pumps look like a great solution. Thank you very much for your reply iceng!

MarkS786 (author)  Downunder35m24 days ago

This was my first time posting here. I didn't realize there was such a long wait before a question is posted. I thought there was an issue with the first post so I posted again.

iceng24 days ago

An RV pump 12V or 120V


will do that for you, and these pumps are used in cleaning machines.

A solenoid and some one way valves should let you use only one pump both ways.


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MarkS786 (author)  iceng24 days ago

Thanks for the reply iceng. I will look into it.