How can I add a math formula (created with a math editor) in the text of an Instructable?

I just want to include some formulas in my text, I've tried to edit it with a math editor, save it as a pic and paste  it in the text but in the preview disappears.Thanks

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seandogue25 days ago could always create a jpg or gif of the formula by taking a snapshot of the math-editor's output

bwrussell26 days ago

Are you looking to add them to the text in an Instructable or a comment on the site?

MassimoF11 (author)  bwrussell26 days ago
Add to text in an Instructable

I've also inserted text boxes mid-section with html.


Use the HTML editor for the text field. If you don't see it then it means it's still locked behind the PRO wall and you'll have to buy or earn a membership to access it.

I'd use code tags (<code></code>) and then you can paste any unicode characters in there and it should display them and make them stand out. You can try directly pasting from the math app or using a unicode math keyboard to remake the formulas.

MassimoF11 (author) 26 days ago

Thank you, both answers helped

AFAIK there is still no functioning system here that allows for adding formulas or other things in that region.
I know two workarounds that should work:
a) Create it all as HTML code (externally so it is easier to work with) and then paste it as a step into your Instructable.
Make sure to only use basic HTML for this.
b) Create a good picture of your formula and end embed it manually with the HTML editor into the text area that you need.

iceng26 days ago

You either have to save the normal text with the formulas as a pic or create a PDF which has to be downloaded to be seen or the math pics only get placed at the end of your text question...

Of course the creation of an instructable gives you many more options..