How can I add additional keywords to an existing instructable?

I want to add additional keywords to an instructable I made several years ago and can't seem to figure out where the keywords are when I choose to edit the instructable.

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If you just want to add keywords.

Go to the Instructable.

Click on Edit Instructable down arrow.

A drop down Menu with your keywords and a box marked Add new keyword will appear.

Enter the new keyword in the box.

Click on Submit at the bottom of the drop down menu and you are done.

That's what I said....

Yea but mine was longer winded.

Oh, of course authors obtain payment on a per word basis....

Succinct vs plethora that is the answer. Weather it be best to consider quick meaning or convoluted proseput another way if the reader has the intellect for simple rapid comprehension over a diminutive need to hold an assembly of pontificate streams of consciousness often referred to as cookbook course..... That is the question.

I Believe that Toxictom has the wherewithal presence of mind to grasp entire concepts from a single sentence.

Vyger iceng8 months ago

I need a grunt button to respond correctly. You know, something that just makes that noise that you make when your kids tell you the teacher wants to talk to you about something they did again.

I don't know but the emerald beetle stories went over well.

Yonatan248 months ago

Go to the editor

Click save even if you did nothing

Wait a few seconds

Scroll down.

iceng8 months ago

Make an Edit change and re-post adding more keywords as you please...