How can I add color to a jpeg image and create a cross stitch/ embroidery pattern for it?

i have a pen and ink drawing in a jpg format that i would like to cross stitch. I would like to cross stitch it with colors. How can I make it colored and create a pattern to cross stitch it?

craftyv6 years ago
I love this question and the answers, however I cannot do this because i dont understand. I do have a crosstitch programme But following the instructions is difficult, it's a whole new language.
lemonie8 years ago
Do you want to print this onto fabric? L
seandogue8 years ago
Add color by using an image editor. Open the picture then modify the color scheme.

Look for (open source image editor)

Use a cross-stitch program and import the image.

Alternatively, import the image into the cross-stitch program and assign colors to the greyscale

look for KG-Chart-LE (free cross-stitch prgram)