How can I add controls to my rc car,i want to put on some king of lighs....?

How can I add controls to my rc car,i want to put on some king of i want to add a switch on the controler and when i press it a LED should turn on on the car...please help.....!!!

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rickharris5 years ago
Thinking about it you could place a switch so that it is operated at say full right lock - this could turn on the light and full left turn them off.

ie. make a mechanical link to something your car already does. this was quite common in the highly restricted days of single channel radio control.
Re-design5 years ago
If you have an unused channel you can get switches that plug in in place of a servo that can control your leds. You should add separate batteries for the leds.
Rob3115 years ago
OR you figure out a way to run the throttle channel through a micro controller (either direct, or Y is off) and when the PWM hits a certain point you can turn on the lights. I did something with a Basic Stamp a while go and it worked great, but it never got small enough to fit in the car without modding the plastic shell.
That would involve getting another transmitter and receiver and integrating them into your remote and car.

Something like this:
rickharris5 years ago
You will need extra channels available on your transmitter. OR add an extra transmitter/receiver to the car which may not be possible and will anyway be messy.