How can I attach a cable to a steel rod?

I need to attach a cable to a steel rod. Right now, the cable is attached to the rod by a loop in the cable and some tape (see photo).

I'd like to attach it in a way that is aesthetically cleaner and more robust. I'd like to find a solution that does not involve welding. Any ideas are really appreciated! Thanks!

Picture of How can I attach a cable to a steel rod?
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You might try a small hose clamp like this one:
gmoon6 years ago
Try a swage, one that fits over the both the wire and the rod--if you can get access to a swaging tool. In your photo the wire itself is swaged into a loop.

A less elegant solution would be to use wire rope clamps...
verence6 years ago
If it is okay for the cable's fixing point to slide on the pipe, you can use a S-shaped hook (like a butcher hook) or a carabiner. If sliding is not an option, combine them with a jubilee clip or another kind of stopper.
BillyZac (author)  verence6 years ago
No, it can't slide. I'd like to find a jubilee clip with an attached nut to receive a threaded eyelet.
Devrimm6 years ago
If what you have is strong enough, I'd use a pipe clip - what we're call a "Jubillee clip" here in the UK, to act as a stop. YOu might need to add one on each side of the wire. I wouldn't drill the rod
Jayefuu Devrimm6 years ago
"here in the uk"?
BillyZac (author)  Devrimm6 years ago
That is a good suggestion, Devrimm. The rod is quite thin, less than 1/4" in diameter. I'm not sure if they make pipe clips that small, but I'll look around.
lemonie Devrimm6 years ago

Yes, good idea.
(or cable-ties)

rickharris6 years ago
Epoxy glue

Heat shrink tubing


Cord whip the cablel in place.