How can I attach my speakers to my ipod data-cable? (building an ipod speaker dock)

So I'm trying to build an ipod speakerdock. And as you may or may not know all the speaker docks use the data transfer thingie on the ipod (so not the hole you plug your earphones in). I know there are some speakerdocks where you plug it into the earphonesocket but I find the loose wire annoying.

I'm attempting to build one of these myself and have speakers available and I have an extra datacable.

So my question is, how can i connect the data-cable to my speakers so that if I put it in the dock and I press play you can hear the music coming out of the speaker?

I suspect that the part of the cable that goes in the usb should be removed and some wires need to be connected but I'm wondering which.

And for all the people who will go with the "just plug it in the earphone socket" answer. That is plan B in case nobody here knows the answer.

thanks in advance

smitec087 years ago
here's the pinout for the 30 pin connector:

pins 3 and 4 are audio L and R and pin 2 is the ground for the audio so wire those up to your speakers and that should work. if youy need a connector so you dont have to rip apart an ipod coable good cheap ones are found here:

has a nice breakout attached for easy soldering, otherwise the style 4 looks almost exactly like the one on the end of the new cables.

hope that helps, ask if you need more info
jeff-o7 years ago
If it's just a data cable, it will probably only have the four wires it needs to connect to a computer:  +5V, GND, D+, D-.  If you cut the cable to expose the wires, you likely will not gain access to the line-out signals that you need.

I recommend either the breakout cable from sparkfun that smitec08 linked to, or you could find a cheap iPod dock on and hack that into a speaker dock.
i agree, im doing the same, i got car speakers then ill get a cheap doc and combine the two. have fun.
MichelMoermans (author) 7 years ago
Okay thanks you guys,

I'll see what works out best. Perhaps I'll still go with plan B because it allows other mp3's to plug in as well but I'm not sure...

At least I now know how to get sound out of the datacable, thanks alot :)