How can I block someones IP address on AOL?

Someone has been sending me fake emails trying to get my password lately. Whenever I block one of his email accounts he just makes another. I got his IP address and he's really starting to annoy me now. And how i know its not real is becuase my WoW account is linked to a different email and i can look at his email in view source.

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Goodhart7 years ago
I am completely unfamiliar with AOL.  I avoided them like the plague :-) 
Re-design7 years ago
If it's the same person sending you mail over and over from different Ip's then it's probably a friend (friend???).  Since spammers don't usually "pick" on one person like this since it just alerts you that something is up.

Look to your friends.
Luziviech7 years ago
Why dontcha block it by usin the filter/firewall settings of your Router? You just have to paste the IP under "WAN IP" (Worldwide Area Network) (To enter the router, you need its LAN IP, which can be seen under gateway by runnin "ipconfig"-command (under Windows-Start-Tab))
seandogue7 years ago
Spam seems to find a way to reach you. Once on a list, they often share with each other and they use many many different originating IPs for their attacks...

If you find that the traffic is coming from one person, complain to AOL and you may just get them sacked from the AOL account...but then they'll just open a new one... :-(

best thing is to filter it into a junkmail folder and periodically purge it without ever opening the mail
orksecurity7 years ago
Contact AOL about spamfiltering. Or, if you're using an SMTP/POP3 mail client, look at its filtering capabilities.