How can I boost satellite internet signal for laptop housed in building located fair distance from dish

Hello. First time question-poser. I need really basic information (no freaky-tech-talk, please). How do I summarize? Dial-up, broadband through cell phone provider, DSL ( although discovered our location is too far out), and now satellite internet through Hughesnet. Iffy at best.

Here is my dilemma: I need to boost the satellite internet signal for my laptop that will be located in my new handy-dandy office (when it is finallly constructed: a month or so) on the back of the property? Haven't measured the distance but more than a hop, skip, and jump. More like 100 hops, skips, and jumps.

May have old Dish dish as was a suggestion on a page that I can't get back to now that I am officially a member, thank you very much. I know way more about this internet thing than I want and not enough to help my situation. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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orksecurity6 years ago
Directional wi-fi antennas on both ends. (Search for "coffee cantenna" for the quick-and-dirty version I've sometimes used.) Or run Ethernet cable, possibly with a line driver to make sure the signal doesn't get attenuated too much.

Probably simplest to have a router on both ends with the directional antennas, and connect the laptop to the remote router by wire, rather than trying to bodge a directional antenna directly onto the laptop.

It does violate FCC regulations, but it sounds like there's nobody near you who's likely to experience interference and complain.
Also, if you use directional antennas, you will loose some of the coverage in the direction that the antenna is no longer pointing. Not sure if that works for them.
hence the joy of multiple antenna routers -- one omni, and one directional :)
Or multiple routers, for that matter. (Make sure they're on different channels so they don't walk on each other too badly, and ideally physically separate them as well.)

Or mixed wire/wireless networks. My office is wired directly into the router; the laptop and guests come in wireless.
Vyger6 years ago
Well you can check this stuff out, I know it works. I don't know if its what you are looking for, but it might be.
Vyger Vyger6 years ago
By the way, you could use these radios to relay in high speed internet if you can get a source, such as a friends house who is close enough to get DSL. Its what we were doing with them. it could solve your whole problem in one shot.
thegeeke6 years ago
Well... if you are using a satellite signal sending to a modem built into your computer... sorry, as far as I know, you need the satellite in line of sight.

If you are using WIFI, then just get a WIFI extender/re-broadcaster.

Sorry if this doesn't help, maybe you could post a picture of your satellite setup for more help. In reality you don't give enough info.