How can I build a brake (not cantilever type) quickly and simply for a soapbox car?

There's a derby goin on. I need to make a brake for my car. I don't know very clearly how.

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thisdude8 years ago
if you want to win don't use a break ; )
ANDY! (author)  thisdude8 years ago
I supposed to, it's the rule.
rickharris8 years ago
Either a simple lever resting on a back wheel or fit a V pully to the rear axel and put a belt round it tightened by a lever to provide friction.

Most kids simply drag their feet (not recommended)
psymansays8 years ago
You could mount some small bicycle rims to the rear wheels' rims, and attach bicycle brakes to those rims.
Sorry, you said "not cantilever". Well, you could get the type of disc brakes used on high-end mountain bikes, or the drum brakes used on small electric scooters. Either of those choices are easy to aquire and install.
NikonDork8 years ago
The simplest type of brakes for soapbox racers is the direct friction type. Its basically a lever, with its fulcrum mounted directly behind a wheel on the frame of the soapbox car, with a pad on the lever that will help slow it down by pulling on the lever and rubbing the pad up against the wheel. this only really works well with a solid type tire, not an air filled tire, as the friction from the pad would wear down the rubber and pop. Not the best brake system, but you said quick and simple. Hope this helps