How can I build a house on the top of a steep hill?

My main tools would be two trucks, only one of which has a winch. I am especially keen on the idea of placing a home on a mesa or flat butte.

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Barskor7 years ago
Sounds like your looking to enjoy the veiw.
Geting your construction matts up a "maby " vertical stretch is key I think a A frame securly anchored/weighted at the top would be a good start.

All so your building method is another promenent factor. Such as will you seek to use what is all ready at the top like rocks, earth, wood from local trees (cut to clear land space).
Rocks clasic some morter and tetris skills make good walls.
Earth You can bag it and stack it like bricks then stuco over the top of it.
You can use old tires as well packing in the dirt laying them like bricks stack the walls up then tack up chicken wire and ferocrete over it to smooth it out.

Wood for ridge poles door posts suport beams and so forth.
tulekah8 years ago
Are you building on the flat top or the slope? First thing you must do is get a soil geologist to analyze to stapility of your site, ie will it shed water or turn into a mudslide e-ticket ride like somany homes in California.
I agree, a soil boring report by a geotechnical engineer is absolutely necessary as well as consulting a structural engineer or architect. Once you have determined what kind of structure needs to built and it is in place, consider some sort of prefacbricated method of building the home. Build the home components in one place and move them into position and assemble the pieces. You could also look into SIPs (structural insulated panels)
jtobako8 years ago
Well, no matter what you are going to need an access to your house later, so start with a driveway : ) Switchbacks are one way of traversing steep hills. You could look into mining gear to create an elevator/lift. I wouldn't trust a winch-no fail-safe (what happens if it fails half way up? Are you stuck until help arrives in several weeks or does it drop everything now?).
caitlinsdad8 years ago
Check out as one source for articles on various houses on hills and the design/techniques used to build it. It's probably best to get an architect or at least a professional builder to look at the site and walk through what you want to do. Good luck.
110100101108 years ago
destroying some of the magic of unoccupied hill top by the way . . you need a stable platform and over it you can build whatever you want. there is no really need in getting a truck that up if you dont use too heavy prebuilt stuff