How can I build a pet door that opens with magnet/radio collars?

MAIN QUESTION: Does anyone know how to build a pet door like this?

Secondary (less important) question : How can I make two pet doors that open this way, but only one collar opens one door?

I need to create a three way split in my house, [ A  | B | C ] one cat can access part A but not part C. One cat can access part C but not A. Both can access part B. 

I would like to create two pet doors that open by sensing magnets or radio frequencies that can be attached to their collars.

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iceng6 years ago
With this RFID cat door you can.

A. has posted the link I would have done.
It has to be the best answer - and your cats won't need collars.
Are your cats chipped too ? you can make a door that reads their chips, to control the door.

knicole5 (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Yes they are, that would be quiet awesome!