How can I build or modify a Shaker flashlight( with the magnet/coils), but substitute the LED bulb with an electromagnet

Please explain how. Thanks!

SuperCapMan8 years ago
LEDs use 15-20mA of current, whilst electromagnets are almost a short circuit, and will use all the current they can get from power source. You would discharge the lamp's supercap in a split-second, and you would probably not be able to lift a paperclip durind that time. Sure, you COULD hack the flashlight with more supercaps to make it provide enormous amounts of power(like I once did) and put a resistor in series to limit current, but it would be horribly long to charge, and totally impractical.
rickharris8 years ago
Not enough electricity made to be useful and a magnet sorry. HOWEVER you can easily make a magnet and use a normal battery.
lemonie8 years ago
You'll not get a very strong electromagnet from this power source. If you could pick up a paperclip with it you'd be doing well. L
Kiteman8 years ago
What are you trying to do? Power a magnet with a magnet?

For a small version, have a look at this project.