How can I bypass an OpenDNS website block?

I'm trying to bypass OpenDNS's blocking function. Any ideas?

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MadonnaD1 year ago

If you need to change DNS on your laptop, you can follow this link http://www.vpnfaqs.com/2015/04/need-change-dns-server-windows-8/ changw your IP address and get free access to blocked websites anonymously.

NachoMahma7 years ago
. Use a different DNS.
El Mano (author)  NachoMahma7 years ago
How do I use a different DNS?
dla888 El Mano7 years ago
Instead of changing your DNS server there are many other options.
You could:
-Use a proxy server.
-Type https://www.(whatever the web address is).com Most web address blockers are only looking for http:// not https://
-Try typing in the IP address instead of the web address. If you're not sure of it Google the IP address of whatever site you're trying to access.
-Use Google translator and traslate from english to english.

hope this helps.
My problem is that it blocks the proxy.

you can use "olive.org" for that :)

If you open CMD and enter "ping (website url here)" it will give you the websites address e.g. "ping google.com" "Reply from (website ip)

dla888 El Mano7 years ago
How does open DNS apply to your internet connection? Is it on your parents computer and you connect to their internet?
I use OpenDNS. you type the dns codes into the computer connection settings panel and any specifyed websites either in blocke categories or in manual block are redirected to the "address blocked" screen. quite clever really. also, it records the IP address you are using.
How do you remove these specified websites? Please answer I really need help.

Simply go to advanced settings of your "Network and sharing center" and remove the DNS and set it to automatically obtaining DNS address. You can find step by step instructions at "http://botcrawl.com/how-to-disable-and-remove-opendns-from-your-computer-and-internet-browser/"

this is one way i know:

step 1(big step) login then go on the dashboard then click stats then click on domains
step 2 find the website you are looking for
step 3 click on it
step 4 click on: make an exception for this domain

and it should be added to the white list.
vivi12304 years ago
I found a solution to bypass opendns blovcking thing. Just write in google: the site you want ip adress. Copy the IP adress you have found, and then juste paste it in the web browser. And boom ! You have access to the site !!
jemre4 years ago
pleas say the anser in a easier way seiriously open dns is blocking evrything i have i tried to make a account of open dns but i have to variate it on hotmail which is blocked
unitb4 years ago
how to bypass opendns!!!
(this is for if you have the computer version used for it to be setup)

to remove the filter from your computer go on control pannel
network and internet
then network and sharing centre
then.... click the network you use
then properties (this is protected by windows parrental controls if switched on)
then internet protocal version 4 then properties
and last but not least click obtain the dns server automaticly
( or change it to something else
dacker5 years ago
I'm not sure I want to be allowed to go to app.streamsend.com.  OpenDNS may know something I don't know about them.

If you are OK with adding them, here is how to add domains to your personal OpenDNS Whitelist: