How can I chemically remove the gold from circuit. Boards and processors/cheap and fast.?

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I just discovered this one.  There is a Youtube guru, named IndeedItDoes, who has produced a number of videos on this topic, here:

I don't know if this is as cheap and fast as you want. 

I mean if you want the ultimate in convenience, you should probably just sell your scrap to professional recyclers, at whatever price they offer. 
Kiteman4 years ago
I've seen this tried on a DIY scale by the BBC.

The value of the metals produced did not cover the cost of the chemicals required to do it.

Better to just sell them to a recycler, or on ebay.
Jem Stansfield is a highly qualified engineer - Personally I wouldn't say this is a DIY prospect as you say - Interesting programme though.

there is more cash to be made selling scrap gold and silver jewellery.

Oh, yes, I have great respect for his skills (and his slightly mad projects), but I think I remember him saying that he was doing it to find out if it was worth doing at home (or did I misremember that bit?).

Either way, the point stands.
No your right the cost profit is marginal in small amounts. There is very little gold on contacts. Relay contacts can be a better source of precious metals.
rickharris4 years ago
Not easily or safely nor will recovering the gold be easy.. best sell them to a commercial operator
He didn't ASK for "safe"
True - Very true.
Aqua regia.