How can I "chip" the edge of thick plexi glass to make it look like a sheet of ice?

Trying to make a centerpiece for my daughter's wedding.  Need a sheet of plastic about an inch thick with the sides chipped like a piece of ice.  Going to light up a vase under it so the light glows thru the "ice".  Any ideas welcome.  Thanks

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Re-design8 years ago
Chip it with chisels, knives hammer etc.  When you get it to the shape you like it you'll have to polish it with a dremel or larger air tool and a lambs wool pad and rubbing compounds.  It won't look like ice until it's polished and you rub off the sharp edges.
Just talked to an artist friend of mine who works with plastics.  Mostly he works with acrylic shaping it with tools.  What he suggested would be to use a dremel and grinding wheels to shape it then use grinding and polishing compounds to get it to the shine/smoothness you want.  It's rather like polishing scratches out of a car finish.
Polishing with an oxy-acetylene torch works well, with practice...
That's an idea I hadn't thought of.
I should have emphasised the with practice. You have to move the torch very rapidly. I might do a very, very quick 'ible if there is any interest.

Burf8 years ago
Call this an accidental discovery, if you will. Give the edge of plexiglass a good sharp rap with a smooth faced hammer and it will chip off, much like knapping a piece of flint.
I would stand one edge of the plexi-glass on a piece of carpeting to protect it from damage and start whacking the top edge with a hammer, knocking off the chips as  you work your way over the edge. The direct impact site of the hammer blow will have a frosted look the but rest of the flaked area will retain a transparent but irregular surface.
lemonie8 years ago
Put it in a freezer first, it'll be more brittle and prone to ice-like fracture if it's colder.
But like other comments - at 1" hit it hard, give it a good whack

I'd go with wood chisels. Might take a while, but I bet it would look good.