How can I clean or remove dried creosote from a stainless steel chimney pipe??

This ss chimney pipe is on the roof outside my home. It can be removed and lowered to the ground.  I have a couple pieces of pipe I can interchange. Is there a cleaner I can use to remove the creosote from the outside surface of the chimneyn pipe?

I work at a fireplace shop, it's always best to have a qualified chimney sweep inspect the fireplace from time to time to look at the chimney more throughly than you and I have the ability to do. But if you just need to clean a portion of venting there are several products from Rutland ( that can be purchased to help-sprays, brushes, etc. Also the website has chimney cleaning instructions if you want to tackle the job by yourself.<br />
jeff-o8 years ago
I've seen ads for a "chimney sweeping log" that you burn in your fireplace, that claims to loosen up creosote.  Maybe that would work.
Burf8 years ago
I used a product called Anti-Creo-Soot (ACS) Liquid.  Start a fire in the fireplace and spray the liquid onto the burning wood. The smoke reacts chemically with the creosote which turns to ash and can be brushed out. It took me several applications but it eventually did the job.
There are probably other similar or even better products out there that will do the same thing. Try a google search and see what you can find