How can I control the heat to this band heater?

I need to be able to control the heat of this heater Located Here

What do i need to do this?

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A lamp dimmer is a pretty good way to do it, but if you want to do this with your arduino, then get yourself a solid state relay.

PS where's my best answer for telling you about band heaters ?
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iceng5 years ago
Just wire a lamp dimmer as though it was a light bulb.
Make sure the dimmer is a 250 or 300 Watt capable unit.

Re-design5 years ago
You could build a pwm unit that would work on 110 volts.  PWM basically turns the unit on and off quickly so that it's not getting full power.  The easy way would be to use and autotransformer or variac.You could rig a thermostatic switch to work on 110.