How can I convert a corded table lamp to cordless one?

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Here's one way:

Please note that I did not say "Cut off the cord", even though I really wanted to. ;-)

Darn, I said it.
Never mind cutting-cord, pull the string!


(Or if you prefer Martin Landau)
Gods, I love those movies. Both of them.
I like the wierd-perversity, of one good performance, of another. It's like some musician covering a song and both are good.


(I've got Ed Wood and Bride of the Monster, but no one wants to borrow them...)
Yeah, like when Far Corporation covered Stairway to Heaven!

Wait.... never mind.
And for the bloody-awful:

Oddly enough, I like that one better than the Far Corp version. I think it's because with Dread Zep the humor is intentional, whereas Far Corp is dead serious about their cover.
To be fair, the FC version doesn't start to reek until about 2:20....
I hadn't gone that far, but now I have to agree with you.
And I've heard the D Z version too many times now for it to still be amusing.

Yeah, DZ is definitely a "funny once" kind of thing.