How can I convert a stereo output to surround sound?

My laptop has only a stereo output. Is there any way to convert this to use a surround sound speaker system using any combination of hardware/software? Preferably without getting an external sound card.

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GlennN57 months ago

Check out the free stereo to surround converter "SpecWeb" at It spreads the stereo mix completely around you in 5.1 surround. Drag and drop easy or lots of controls to make an awesome 5.1 mix of your favorite music.

workbetterv2 years ago

You may also try this easy method to convert a stereo output to surround sound 5.1 with this guide at

hoihoi1518 years ago
for music u cant get SS.
music is recorded in 2 channels L and R.
putting it through a SS system will just make the stereo image wider giving the illusion of surround sound
LDW8 years ago
You might like to look at I'm not sure if that does what you want, but it might be worth a try?
RRC8 years ago
"Surround Sound from 3.5 mm stereo" is tested and published.
RRC8 years ago
I'm almost completed hardware testing for "Surround Sound from 3.5 mm stereo" Instructables. It is low power version from my "Surround Sound from Stereo" and presents the same quality. Instructable includes detailed schematic, I'll also supply kit.
110100101108 years ago
in addition to Fox sometimes you can change the mic / line in port to work as second line out for the rear speakers if you connect the rear speakers to the amp thru a crossover or invert + and - wires you can make the sound feel more 3D but its not really surround
No. You can probably coax it into playing through most or all of the speakers, depending on the workings of your amplifier/tuner... but it will never be surround sound. This much should be accomplishable with a few basic cables. Getting true surround sound out of a computer requires a sound card that supports it. Some laptops do have it. In those cases it's as simple as plugging in a special cable (that comes with the laptop) into the headphone jack or using an audio-out on the back of the machine. This isn't common though, and I've only bumped into it once or twice.