How can I convert my speakers from an old RCA RS-2625 stereo system to connect to a Zune?

I am thinking about cannibalizing the speakers to build a dock/stereo for my Zune 30g since none I have seen for sale are really what I'm looking for- and I'm a poor college student who loves tinkering with things! Any ideas and methods are welcome- while I love DIY and modding my own objects, I have yet to really get into the technical aspect of wiring things to connect to other things- except for the jury-rigging of my laptop power cord. Thanks in advance!

If your Stereo has RCA inputs, hook up a 'TRS Mini (AKA 1/8) to duel RCA' cable. then, they make USB charge stations. simply plug the box into the wall, and plug your dock cable into the hub. connect both new cords to your zune, and Presto! a system which will only set you back about 15$
nfarrow8 years ago
Try looking for a "Zune Docking Station" on Google. And buy a, "Home theater receiver” to have your Docking Station hooked up. You can go to a pawnshop to get the receiver pretty cheap