How can I convert these?

I want to convert a ps1 controller and a nes controller to usbwithout any fancy shmancy(yes,thats how its spelled) converting plugs. Just a straight line from the controller to a usb port.  diagrams appreciated.

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Burf6 years ago
PS1 and NES controllers straightlined to to a USB port ain't going to happen. You will have to have something in-between to convert the signals. I have seen a PS1 controller adapted to USB by scavenging the parts from an old USB keyboard and working out the circuitry to route the signals.
An NES, I don't know what you could do short of creating your own design with a microprocessor, a PIC perhaps, but that's a guess on my part.
Just bite the bullet and get the appropriate converters is my recommendation.
builderkidj (author)  Burf6 years ago
I was trying to say was:I want to change the ps1 port to usb without converters. And y the way...It seems that whereever i am you are. ??????
What burf is trying to say is that if you directly wire the wires in an nes controller or a ps2 controller to the wires in a usb port, you will fry either the controller or your usb port...or worse your computer. NES speaks NES protocol, usb wasn't invented for well over a decade after NES decided on how their controllers worked.
builderkidj (author)  frollard6 years ago
anyway now I understand,I might get a converter
ashannon16 years ago
there are third party hubs for these kinds of things. they run anywhere from $1 to $17 dollars, depending on how many ports it has, and how many other controllers it supports, as well as age, and quality