How can I cover a built in Macbook iSight camera?

I don't want people spying on me is there a cheap and clean solution?

aarone8 years ago
FWIW, there's a light that comes on when the Camera is on. You won't be spied on without knowing about it...
Joe Martin8 years ago
I wouldn't use duct tape use the the sticky residue left behind, Use a slightly less tack tape such electrical or brown parcel. Wouldn't want to ruin the lovely finish on that macbook now, would we! ;)
giddegup5 years ago
Just use a small piece of black electrical tape. On a Macbook, you'll never even know it's there, it blends right in. And I doubt it could damage the camera after being pulled off because the adhesive is very soft.
fwjs288 years ago
duct tape...the be all end all mans way of fixing the, macs cant get hacked dude so like chill