How can I cover aluminium or other metals with copper oxide using electrolysis?

I am looking for a way of getting CuO (red oxide) over another cheap metal using less copper as possible

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Copper has (if I remember) two different oxides. Black copper oxide, made by the action of ammonia solution on copper, is a powder that could coat a surface. ~Bob~
I'm getting blue with ammonia. I get black with hydrogen peroxide or lots of heat.
Yes, initially, you get blue. I flattened copper wire and let it soak in janitor strength ammonia for a month or so. I wanted copper oxide for thermite experiments.
alessiof76 (author)  ShutterBugger8 years ago
it is interesting thanks! can you repeat last message with other words, I have difficulties to translate many thanks Alessio
lemonie8 years ago
For the question you asked Kiteman has given you the best answer, ShutterBugger hasn't told you how to cover metal with copper oxide using electrolysis. And ammonia won't oxidise copper to black oxide anyway.
jtobako has given a method for coating copper with copper oxide

alessiof76 (author)  lemonie8 years ago
you are right, i am new to istrutable, I have modify the question
Are you thinking of a solar-cell, or some kind of catalyst? - I'm interested

See this one, might be useful?

alessiof76 (author)  lemonie8 years ago
I am the author of that inscrutable...(!) II am' trying to make it cheaper and easier as possible, there are also DYE solar cell but are more diffilici to buit (i never tryed to build it)
Oh cack, I should have noticed that. It's a good piece of work! You're looking to improve it I guess? As a suggestion, post a Forum topic pointing to your I'ble asking for exactly what it is you want. Forum Topics tend to get a bit more attention than Answers which are more of the moment.

alessiof76 (author)  lemonie8 years ago
i am looking to improve it but i don't have time to experiment now :(
Forum it. This answer is probably out of sight to anyone that hasn't commented on it & yourself.

Kiteman8 years ago
You can't. You can, however, coat it with pure copper and then oxidise it.