How can I cut geode, is it possible to cut with a dremel?

Basically, I want to try and make jewelry with a geode stone I bought. But when I tried to cut it with a tungsten carbine cutter, the stone turn red and it smell like some burnt stuff. It also happen when I tried to grind with aluminum oxide bit. My geode crystai Is quite thick. Please tell me how can I cut/grind the geode?

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Vyger3 years ago

A dremmel is not designed to use with water. Water is the best lubricant that you can use for this type of thing. It also cools everything so things don't get red hot.

If you cannot afford any of the sugested tools you might need to pay someone to cut it for you.

iceng6 months ago

Work in water. Available at harbor freight...

Geodes are available to find or buy in and around Primeville OR..

AndyS2276 months ago

After 2 years, the OP likely has found a solution, but this might help someone else down the road. An angle grinder worked well for me. Held geode in a bench vise during the cutting. Then used a metal file to clean up the edges.


What I would do is lay down some newspaper, wrap your geode in a damp towel, and give it a few taps with a hammer. I did this and it turned out fine. Just make sure you hit it in the middle. Hope I helped! =)

If you have a flexible drive for your dremel, you could use that underwater, or with a drip into the cut. A dremel is a toy cutter, and you must load it very gently.

An alternative is a grit-edge hacksaw blade.

iceng3 years ago

I use an electric tile cutter with a water tray


Where did you get the geodes ?

There are sites where one can collect geodes every where in the US.

Many fields within a 2day drive.

Rockhound park NM ?

Shizen (author)  iceng3 years ago

I can't afford that.

Your best option is to go to a tool rental place and rent the tile cutter.

iceng Shizen3 years ago

Go to a construction site and ask the tile layer to let you cut your SiO2 Silicone DiOxide which is the major constituent in geode crystals.

You can use the tungsten carbide cutter with water or the aluminum oxide bit with water or a diamond saw blade with water.

You must use water or you burn the stone or crystals instead of cutting it.

How are you planning to polish the stones after you shape them.

Have you seen my Hobby Tumbler?


Shizen (author)  Josehf Murchison3 years ago

I'm sorry, I'm used a fiberglass cutter, also can you tell me how should I cut and submerge my geode without ruin my dremel?

I have 3 dremels

1 air powered

1 electric with a fixed flex cable extension.

and 1 electric you can swap from straight dremel to an extended flex cable.

My dremel has an attachment that has a flex extension that keeps the motor away from where I am working.


Burf3 years ago

You'll need a diamond impregnated blade and most often, lots of water to cool and lubricate the blade.

Shizen (author)  Burf3 years ago

Too expensive, cheaper method please.

How much is a blade in Vietnam. Here they are probably about 10 GBP/ 15 USD

...and in the USA they're all of $7.50.

and from HK

Blades for DREMEL, 50mm diameter.

Shizen (author)  steveastrouk3 years ago

I got my tool when I was in LA, since I'm back and VN don't sell them, I don't think it is an option

The traditional method would be grit impregnated string, in something like a saw frame. Incredibly slow - but very cheap. The grit can be sand.