How can I display my keychain collection??

I collect keychains, my collection started when my grandfather was cleaning out his basement and gave me his collection. He had collected a few keychains, about 50 or so, then I started getting more and more from friends and family. Now, I constantly change the keychains I carry around with me, but I would really like to display them on my room (which is not that big), in a cool and space-saving way. I wanted to get some ideas before I simply fill my wall with nails. Any idea is appreciated. Thanks.

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paisp4 years ago
You can buy a photo frame which is deep..Or custom make a photoframe where is the display part is lil deep say abt 10 cms and can display key chains
Joe Martin8 years ago
You could take a length of wire and thread it with beads, Then thread the keyrings onto it and then the key ring will sit in-between the beads and not slide about. A screw either end of the wire and the into the wall and your set!
Think of it as a king of washing line but for keyrings lol
karnuvap8 years ago
How about short lengths (say 50 cms) of wooden dowel with notches cut into it about 2cms apart along its length. The keychains can slide onto the dowel and locate into the notches. These rods can then be hung on hooks that are set 40 cms apart . The only drawback is that you would have to take a few keychains off if the one you wanted was in the middle of the rod.
Well to save your wall, I'd say hang up a cheap sheet of plywood or drywall. Then you can add nails to your heart's content. You'll need the sheet, a few eye-screws, and a few hooks. All of the required materials can be had at the hardware store and I'm sure a salesperson would be happy to help you pick the fasteners.