How can I do the Cord Lamp from http://www.designhousestockholm.com/ ?

I´m in love with this lamp, and I´d like someone help me to do a copy. This is the original http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_zLsgnOzKTUQ/SeiPoPtFyZI/AAAAAAAAGCM/fIthh11crsY/s1600-h/cordlamp+de+design+house+stockholm+1.jpg . and this is my blog whit the same question, but in spanish. http://www.x4duros.com/2009/05/tu-preguntas-diy-como-se-hace-la-lamp.html


tururu (author) 7 years ago
Ohhh thanks a lot :D
tururu (author) 8 years ago
Good idea!! thanks :D
you might be able to start with something like this