How can I easily patch a hole in a carpet?

I accidentally melted a hole in my carpet when a lamp fell over. The carpet store said they could fix it for a huge pile of money. I don't know how they were planning on fixing it. If I knew the "right" way of doing it, I could probably do it myself. Any ideas?

firehazrd8 years ago
Find a square of carpet slightly bigger than the piece needed. The back corner of a closet is usually a good place to look. Cut it out and place the patch over the burned area. Cut out the burned area by tracing the top patch. Slip some carpet tape under the seam and pop the patch it. If there is still a visable seam use white glue and some carpet fuzz to fill it in. Good luck, it's easy.
firehazrd's fix -been there done that and it works!!! :0) yay firehazrd!
Re-design8 years ago
I like what firehasrd said except when cutting the new patch in, I make a new cut thru both pieces of carpet. That way the cut matches exactly. Use a new blade in your knife.
yo man8 years ago
get your hands on a new rug