How can I electrify/modify a harmonica so that I can connect it to effects pedals?

I have a harmonica at home and am curious to find out what kind of crazy sounds I can come up with. Any suggestions on how I could modify my existing harmonica so that I could plug it in to some effects pedals? Thanks!!

Plain and simple you use a microphone, the same as if you were singing. You could try guitar FX pedals, but to be honest you'd be happier with a digital multi-FX box... specifically one designed for vocals.
You could attach a transducer directly to the harmonica, but then you would loose any effects you would do with your hands. Just plug a mic into a re-amper or a mic pre, then run those through any effects you have. If you're starting from scratch there are, as GuardianFox said, 'digital multi-FX' boxes out there that have microphone inputs, so that makes it all the easier. Have fun.
tiltmonkey8 years ago
A D.I.Y. job will be difficult if not impossible.
Harmonix will do it for you.
Turboharp do an amped harmonica.
Check out Adam Gussow on Youtube, he discusses his electric set up.
Also check out Jason Ricci, he uses a lot of effects. Sounds like he's playing an electric guitar at times.
Hope this helps.