How can I etch a photograph of people into either plexiglass (or lucite, lexan, acrylic, etc) or regular glass?

But without using a laser etching machine? I've seen chemical etching into brass using chemicals that produces a detailed effect, but I want that on a see-through surface. I'm not good at free-hand painting, so using Armour Etch without a stencil/mask is essentially out of the question. Also, would Armour Etch work on plexiglass, even though it is a different material than regular glass (SiO2)? Thanks alot!

ewilhelm8 years ago
This Computer Case Engraving Instructables might provide some inspiration.
SJBarag (author) 8 years ago
Thanks alot guys (or girls! or robots!). The engraving/etching is pretty important to the process actually. I'm planning on combining the with some of the backlit plexiglass/glass techniques into a moodlight box for my girlfriend for V-day, possibly with two layers of glass to give it a sense of depth and color variance. The etching or engraving is important to give a frosted look to the surface, diffusing the lights behind it for a softer glow. I should have a Google Sketchup model done by Saturday night (I'm an engineering student so it's only natural for me to make one haha) so I'll post a link when that's done, and if I get a chance I'll make an Instructable ;)
jtobako8 years ago
Armor etch isn't likely to work because it comes in a plastic container : )

Have you considered some form of image transfer? It would be black and clear instead of white and clear (here) or (here)
benthekahn8 years ago
The easiest way would be to print a large picture of the people, and place it under plexiglass. Then trace the design on top of the plexiglass with something that will scratch the surface. If the picture is small, use an awl. If it is larger, use a dremel or some sand paper.