How can I fix the keyboard on my zv500 hp pavillion?

The keybord on my laptop suddenly started to type wrong characters and combinations of them.
For example the first line of characters (qwertyuiop[]) on my keyboard does not to type the right characters but other ones

orksecurity7 years ago
Plug in another keyboard. Does the same thing happen? If so, the problem is in software, probably the result of your switching into another language's keyboard. That's most likely, these days, especially given how modern keyboards work.

Either that or someone installed some form of malware that's messing you up...

If the problem goes away when the keyboard is replaced... Well, you could try opening it up and cleaning it out and hoping that the problem was something as simple as a scrap of metal having found its way to someplace it shouldn't. If it's more than that, it needs a hands-on examination by someone who Has A Clue, but it's probably going to be replaced rather than repaired.
Ysfakianakis (author)  orksecurity7 years ago
Probably it's a keyboard problem. Thanks anyway.
Burf7 years ago
Check first and see if someone hasn't (accidentally or as a joke) changed your keyboard settings from "International" to "Dvorak"
If you're using Windows, open the control panel and navigate to keyboard settings, then Properties and make sure its set on the International QWERTY version.
Ysfakianakis (author)  Burf7 years ago
I' ll try to do this. Thanks for your help