How can I fix my machine?

I just bought a second hand F&P top loader washing machine. It works but it seems to be on Time delay as I left it on for an hour or more and it started? Any suggestions? The delay lights aren't lit ????

Downunder35m3 months ago

It is often the little things that cause a problem, assuming the electronics are fine.
Some things you might want to check:
1. Program and dial settings.
On the big commercial one at work we have to make sure the dial is set to the correct position so the machine will start.
If set only one notch too early it will take almost an hour before the machine starts to run.
On home models you can often set different wash modes and other things.
If very modern the machine will know if something does not match older ones need attention to get it right.
2. Water connection and pressure.
The inlet valves can get blocked or stuffed by fine debries entering them, especially if on tank water with no proper pre filters.
If in normal operation you hear the inlet valve open and water rushing in then check if in a failed attemp you can hear the valve trying to engage - sometimes you need to remove the vocer and use a multimeter or testlamp to check.
No water coming in whne the machine starts means it waits until water is filling the machine.
A stuffed inlet valve can hang until the water pressure forces it open.
IMHO the best way to check is with back cover removed and the tap closed, this way you can play around a few times and listen or feel if the valve moves.
3. Lid sensor/switch.
Probably does not apply to you but anyway...
If the lid sensing does not work properly the machine won't start.
Sometimes the mounting screws or the mount itself can become loose or the lever operating it is out of position.
4. Dial motor and gearbox.
They don't fail that often but if if the gearbox has worn out teeth, a lack of lube or other damage the tiny motor won't be able to move it.
In some cases you can hear this when the dial moves a bigger distance between wash modes.
A grinding noise or the dial moving more like stop and go is a clear indicator of a problem.

rickharris3 months ago

is the delay light working?

To be honest it will be really hard to fault find with littlr information.

you could try putting the model and fault into google to see if anyone else has had the same fault.

But also:
Check if you can find the operating or better still the service manual for model online.
My old friend Google can assist you here.
The service manual often contains a troubleshooting chart which can be used to find the cause of a problem.