How can I fix these earphones?

I had bought a pair of earphone called the Blitz from Claires. Well one day i got up from my computer and the wire ripped in half. i tried winding the wires together but that didn't help. What am i to do. I know i can get them fixed but i want to know how i can. These earphones i have are extremely fashionable and i can't throw them out. If you are good with this, please help.

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nurdee15 years ago
Headphone wires usually have a paint like insulation on the wires. If you run a hot soldering iron down it the paint will burn off and you can solder the wires back together.
canucksgirl5 years ago
Hopefully the problem is only where the wire broke apart...

To fix the wire break, you'll need a wire cutter/stripper, electrical tape, some heat shrink tubing (in the same color as the wire coating), and a hair dryer.

Cut the wire ends cleanly, then strip a small amount (1/4 - 1/2") of the wire coating off each wire end with a wire stripper tool. Use the end of the wire stripper tool to twist all the wire ends separately (do so neatly with no loose wires). Slide on some heat shrink tubing (that's at least an 1 inch longer than the bare wire area. Then match the correct wires and twist together, so that they are secure (without creating too much bulk where they meet). Then wrap each connection with a small amount of electrical tape (to insulate and separate the wires). Then slide down the heat shrink tubing over your patched area, and with a hair dryer (on high heat), heat up the tubing until it shrinks and is tight to the connection.

If that was the only problem, they should now work fine.
That is what I would think, but when my cat bit some very expensive headphone's cord in half, the guy at the electronics store told me they were un-fixable. Was he just trying to sell me more? I did not buy more (I practically had heart failure when my husband was shouting the cost at the cat).
They are absolutely fixable... it's just that most people wouldn't know how. They look at the insulation on the wire itself and think it can't come off, when in reality it can.
Very true! I fixed a pair recently and it didn't take more than a few minutes.
Yep... I guess some people just want to sell stuff and don't know what they are talking about! ;)
They look like bare copper wires but they actually have a very thin coating on them for insulation. It very difficult to remove that coating so you can get to the bare wire and solder the end together again. You have to carefully scrape the coating off. But because the individual strands of wire have the coating and the strands are so thin you end up breaking them. I've tried to burn the coating off with a lighter. This works to an extent and makes it easier to scrape the leftover residue off. Problem is the strands are so thin that the lighter is able to burn up the wire as well. So if your lucky you will be left with 1 or 2 strands to try and connect with the other end.

Companies love using this kind of wire on head sets for many reasons. The wire ends up being thinner and lighter, they use less copper saving them money, and they break easily and are hard to repair so they can sell more of them.

Good luck and i hope you can fix them.
Thanks, It's nice to know that there really is a big difference between the headphone wire and extension cord wire.

I hope Tabbymarii has better luck.
thegeeke5 years ago
You need to get rid of the insulation, then get the + and - back together, and re-insulate them.