How can I get all non-needed files off my computer?

Well, a few time ago I wanted to get some pics on my computer from my phone, and then it totally 'crashed'...
I want all the problems fixed, but I don't know how..
Some guy went here and tried to fix it, but he was stupid enough to make it even more slow...
if nobody knows it, I'll buy another PC.

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jeff-o7 years ago
If you really want an easy fix, just get a new hard drive, do a fresh install of the OS on it, and plug in the old one as a slave.  Then grab the files off the old drive, reformat it, and use it as a backup drive.
Burf jeff-o7 years ago
Yep, that's exactly the way I would approach it too. Instead of trying to get rid of the files he doesn't need, just start anew and then rescue the files he does need.
Clean and quick.
This is the type of question every tech support person dreads. Why? Because there is no single answer and most users don't seem to understand that.

Honestly though, nobody here is going to be able to tell you which files to remove from your PC.  Even if they had your PC sitting in front of them, I doubt anyone would be able to truly "clean" it of unnecessary files.  Trying to define "unnecessary" in the case of your particular machine, the software installed, hardware drivers, etc. is just not worth the time or effort required.

Best bet would be to re-install everything from scratch if you have a "restore" CD or DVD that came with the system.  You'll then have to immediately update everything with the latest patches and updates.  If that's not an option then  you're right...get a new PC and donate yours to someone that might be able to clean it off.

If you do get a new PC, back it up before you do anything. Get a complete "snapshot" of the system. That way you can always go back to that exact point in time a year later when you have this same problem again (and you will).

Good luck.
erikos kostarikos (author)  siliconghost7 years ago

thanks, that was really helpful.

Bigev7 years ago
Can you describe your PC for us? It would help the diagnostics and assistance if we knew your:
-Processor model / speed
-how much RAM
-Hard drive size and how full
-Operating System

I'd love to help if I can, but more info is needed.
erikos kostarikos (author)  Bigev7 years ago
the machine itself is brand new...its a compaq with 2400mhz and I didn't use much space...
Bigev Bigev7 years ago
Oops. to clarify: Age of machine. Not your age.
seandogue7 years ago
Lol..."I'll just buy another PC".

M'lord, I would help thee, but I find I cannot stomach the scent.