How can I get data off of an old internal hard drive via USB?

Retrieve data off of my dead computers hard drive

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Pentryre1 year ago

Recovery tools is not doubt the best way to get the data , first , you need to install a recovery tools on your conputer , after then connect your android to the computer with USB cable , you can preview and select you want to recover data from android phone,

The computer dead or hard drive dead? It is almost impossible to retrieve data from dead hard drive. And it requires physical repair. However, you take off the drive and recover data from it with Androidphonesoft if not the drive dead.

maykv64 years ago
Does the "dead" mean corrupt or something? If the files were lost because of corrupt, format or etc, the lost data can be retrieved from your hard drive.
I've ever recovered some of my photographs from my damaged hard drive by using this data restore software.
Jason5194 years ago
Hey,bro! I can't understand what does your"dead" mean? Can the drive be read? If it can, you can recover data from hard drive with hard drive data recovery program.
Step1. Download the hard drive data recovery and install it on your computer.

Step2. launch the hard drive data recovery application,Connect the hard drive via USB cable, then you can see hard drive us regarded as a removable drive by the program.

Step3. Click scan button and Select the option “Recover all photos files”, "Recover all video files", "Recover all other files"

Step4. After scaning, you can preview the photos and choose the ones you want to get back and click “Recover”.

Step5. “Save” all your recovered data in the hard drive and you have finished hard drive photos recovery
Disregard the following if your pc/laptop is actually not powering on :)

Not sure how "dead" your computer is... but if your computer is alive, but fails to boot, then you may be able to recover your files from your hard drive by booting from a boot cd. UBCD is such a useful tool for recovering files etc. If you boot from a live cd like UBCD then you can attempt to mount your hard drive and transfer the files to either a usb drive or transfer via wifi or ethernet.
thegeeke5 years ago
Is the HD corrupted? There is no easy way to recover the data if it is. If something else went wrong with your computer, then just get an enclosure for it. Make sure to learn from this experience: "it's better to be backed up than be sorry" and my all time favorite: "a backup is worth a thousand geeks!" ;)
Vyger5 years ago
You can get a drive enclosure but sometimes a deal like this might be better. It will adapt any type of drive.

nurdee1 Vyger5 years ago
Totally agree with you Vyger I have used one of those4 and they are absolutely great.
lemonie5 years ago
Connect it to a computer that isn't "dead"; they usually have a spare connection.

keydogstony5 years ago
External USB Drive enclosure, Here's an Instructable>>