How can I get more Youtube subscribers?

Hello, I need to know how to get more Youtube subscribers. Thanks. And if you would like to subscribe visit        Thanks again guys and if you know how to get more views please share.

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omirza6 years ago
Create unique and attractive videos..
Post comments and ask others to post comments at your videos..
Promote your videos using social networking websites..
Or you can find a very well written article of how to get youtube subscribers here:
lemonie7 years ago
Post something really good, then ask everyone you can find to subscribe. Spam yourself to the max.

... which may also result in many people putting you on permanent block lists.

My advice would be: Post something really good. Then tell your friends. If it _is_ good they'll tell their friends. Then do it again. And again. People won't _subscribe_ unless they're fairly sure you will continue to post stuff they will want to see.
(I wasn't being serious beyond "post something good really") - so thanks for completing that answer.

JohnJY7 years ago
Make something funny, amazing, or cool. Something people really want to see! Indy Mongol has some good effects for you. And what Lemonie said. Spam and advertise everyone. 
nickodemus7 years ago
Make lots of entertaining videos, that's pretty much all there is to it. If people like what you've made, they'll subscribe to see more of it.

And if your videos become popular ( e.g. several thousand views), you should consider setting up a Google ad sense account. It displays a small advertisement on your video, and gives you a little money every time someone watches it. Read more about that here, or google it.