How can I get my hair healthier?

My hair has became super damaged over the last couple of months and I would like to have healthier

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Kiteman7 years ago
Aside from the fact that your hair is dead tissue, and so can never be truly "healthy", the best option is to leave it alone as much as possible.

Wash in a mild shampoo, condition lightly, towel dry, brush when damp and again when dry.

Avoid hair dryers, straighteners, curlers, tongs, spray, gel...

Maybe tie it back with a simple slide or Alice band, but avoid rubber bands and scrunchies.
Gottwinkies7 years ago
I used to have very brittle hair and I have found a few tricks that work well:
-Slowly get your hair used to being washed every other day. After a few weeks, your scalp should produce less oil and it won't feel like you need to wash it every day either-that is the hard part.
-Avoid using blow dryers-everyone else is right....heat is very hard on your hair
-Use a leave-in conditioner if you can. I found one that Garnier make that is mostly oils.
My hair is long and permed, so this helped a lot. I let it air dry every day(even if i don't wash it, I rinse it in the shower), and I alternate adding spray hair gel and the Garnier nutritive oil. I also don't over brush.
rickharris7 years ago
on a quite evening when watching the TV rub olive oil into your hair, wrap in a towel dipped in hot water and wrung out. Keep on until the towel had gone cold.

Wash your hair with a shampoo product manufactured for baby use, rinse well and apply a conditioner of your choice. Try to dry without heat, even a cool hair dryer will dry your hair.

I know I am not  a good advert for hair these days!

Glad(to-meet-ya)ys (author)  rickharris7 years ago
Thank you =]
jtp1397 years ago
i would say if you can't do without styling it with heat then make sure you use a pre styling moisturizer which coats the hair and helps protect it from heat damage. you can find at any store that sells hair products. also do a deep conditioning at least once a week. otherwise stop styling with heat for a while that's what's killing it
Glad(to-meet-ya)ys (author)  jtp1397 years ago
Thank you for the advice =]
Re-design7 years ago
Keep it clean using gentle shampoos.
No coloring.
No bleaching.
No hair spray.
Brush it.
Get your head massaged once in a while.
Stay out of the wind when ever possible.
Don't wear a hat.

You might visit a dermatologist and get his or her opinion.
Glad(to-meet-ya)ys (author)  Re-design7 years ago
Thank you, I don't do any of that but I do Curl and Straighten it a lot....I don't like wearing hats either =]
Do you use heat?  That's really bad for hair especially if used often.
Glad(to-meet-ya)ys (author)  Re-design7 years ago
A lot of heat, almost everyday =[