How can I get my landlord to maintain the flat I rent?

I live in the lower of a 2 flat and have had so many problems that the landlord will not address.  The latest is a leak from above in the my kitchen.  How can I get him to repair real issues?

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orksecurity7 years ago
I agree with Kiteman's approach to putting your request in writing. One thing that may not be clear from his post: The letter's tone should be _calm_ , not confrontational. It may indeed simply be that he hasn't had time to deal, and would appreciate your working with him to address it; I've done that a number of times as a tenant.

If you do have to go the aversarial route: Your local health department may be able to give you some advice on this, if it really is a health/safety issue.  The town engineering department may also have an opinion, and there may be other services specifically for renters. It's worth going into town hall and asking them what departments you should speak to. Bring a copy of your lease or other agreement with you; that combined with the law sets the rules for what you can complain about and what channels you can use to make and back up those complaints.

(Free legal advice on the Internet is generally worth less than you paid for it, since local laws vary. ALWAYS start by contacting the Local Authority Having Jurisdiction.)

BradM9111 months ago

You can send him an online maintenance request. Fortunately, due to technology development it became possible to do it. Some rental platforms like this one allow tenants not only submit request with photos, but also track the status of implementation of request. You could also set the priority of issue.

Kiteman7 years ago
Presumably you have a contract (a tenancy agreement)?

Check the details (there may be some faults you are responsible for), then inform him in writing of the faults that need rectifying.  In the letter, ask him if he wants to arrange to get the faults rectified himself, or whether he would like you to organise contractors to do the work and then bill him?

Include dates of expected reply and if no reply contact your local landlord/tenant representative office - every civilized country has one.  They either fix it, or lanlord/tenant fixes it and charges the landlord.
Any advice is strongly dependent on where you are in the world.

Re-design7 years ago
The leak in the kitchen is a health and safety issue.  Approach it from that standpoint.  What country/area are you in?
lemonie7 years ago
Check what type of contract (tenancy agreement) you have. Then Google that and find out what the Landlord's contractual obligations are (where you live, we don't know). Then look for legal requirements for let properties
For example this (UK)
Point out your Landlord's contractual / legal obligations, and see what that does first.