How can I get plans for the library ladder chair?

ttjack (author) 6 years ago
Actually I could use a plan for any chair that converts to a short ladder to use in my library. I'm restoring my great grandfather's cottage to use as my office and library. A piece that might have seen use in the early 19th centruy would be ideal, but I'd like to build it myself, so I need a relatively simple and pragmatic plan.
rickharris6 years ago
Burf6 years ago
I've seen quite a few different designs for library ladder chairs. Do what many craftsmen do, study the designs you like, determine the features you want, the materials and sizes needed and the method of construction.
Start sketching some designs of your own, incorporating the features, materials and styles you want and then build your own. I have found that to be more satisfying to my needs, tastes and skills than just copying something someone else has done.
THE library chair implies its a project in Instructables ? Which one ?