How can I get rid of the watercolor-paper texture when I scan a painting on my Epson Perfection scanner?

I used to have an Arcus II scanner and I don't remember the texture of the paper being so visible. Sometimes my illustrations fade to white on the border but the paper is still obvious.

Thanks in advance.
Garison W.

Frollard is correct.  If you have Photoshop then you can use the technique described HERE to get rid of the texture.

jeff-o8 years ago
The software is probably activating some auto-adjustments, like autocontrast, auto brightness, etc.  Switch to the"professional" mode if you haven't already, and switch off allof the automatic adjustments, then adjust them manually to your liking.
 I also just bought an Epson Perfection, the V30 and I'm struggling with the same problem. I'm thinking of taking it back and getting another one, anybody has an idea which scanner that's currently on the market doesn't do this?
frollard8 years ago
Perhaps try photographing the work with a good camera with very good multi-directional lighting.

The texture shows up because the scanner has one light source to the SIDE of the sensor.  Side/angled light makes texture appear.  There is nothing you can tell the computer to ignore if thats what it sees.

Older scanners scanned from further away, so the light was more diffuse.  Modern scanners are trying to be helpful by being 'thin' - scanning from WAY up close.

Again, you'd be surprised the quality you can get from a digital camera.